Accepting the inevitability of new stones, then treating them as they become problematic, is no longer acceptable. From Quantum to Matter: Unfortunately, I was wrong about that. They kept me overnight I also had a acute uti infection…I came in on Sat afternoon they put in my stent and did surgery on Monday.. But this is just so called discomforting pain. But thanks for the helpful comments. None of the urologists in the area could fit me in for two to three weeks.

I was admitted and had a stent placed the next morning and was sent home. Put the human back in Human Resources. They only did one at a time which has to me a scam. She is involved More information. Much less 40 or so stones at least 10 lithotripsys and 5 stents and this is just discomforting pain. Asked to see doctor the next day after 4th visist to hospital, took out the cathetor and now I am back to cramps, spasms and no drainage. I was sent home from the hospital with a pamphlet for opioid addiction after having to beg for my pain meds in the hospital every 4 hrs when they were due. I still have the stent but other than urinary urgency at times, I do not find the stent very bothersome.


This one was placed following lithotripsy for a 1 cm stone in my left kidney. Letting a kidney stone passSevere pain after stent removal: New research suggests one dosage doesn’t fit all. Start display at page:. Country of Origin USD. Any idea how long I might need this stent in for? Also I told them I am in pain but I do not want morphine or dilidaid I do not want to throw up. July 5, at Stents when i hear the word make my skin crawl and i automatically want to throw up. Claim is currently under review.


Prior to undergoing a pyeloplasty, a surgical procedure to correct a urinary tract obstruction I was informed that a stent would be in place for about seven weeks. June 28, at 9: I spent 2 days in the hospital on antibiotics and missed 1 week of work. July 29, at 4: July 24, at 1: This has taken 5 weeks away from me now 10 more days to go for surgery.

My stent was removed and I have my life back! Told me to see my urologist. SupplierWebsite – Excel Invoice Upload. Just had a second surgery for a 2cm stone with no luck. Shockwave, laser and stents. They sat me in a chair for 10 hours next to the staff. Hf Cd Na Nb Lr. It was removed by the doctor in his office.

Hospital visits are more expensive than any office visit, therefore your insurance wants to save money; ultimately their motivation. July 2, at 9: But still have this misderable stent that feels worst then the stone itself.

I strive bac,an drink 1oz for every 2lbs I weigh. None of the urologists in the area could fit me in for two to three weeks. After all, our children deserve the very best! I had a stent placed on July Have taken no meds except yesterday when we had to bail on friends for the long drive home because I was dying of pain.


Thank you Reply Anonymous says: I still get them.

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I do not know what their problems are but i would have never have left the hospital without any. Shared it with family so they could understand. The pain and nausea are off the charts and they think mh do this to catch a buzz.

July 4, at 9: I had a stent placed this morning…happy 4th of July. It was a miracle. Save my pain med for night when trying to sleep.

I was only given 10 tableh pills hydrocodone due to opioid problem. I am currently reading these stories through tears. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. July 26, at 8: Why doesn t a mole of. They treat me the same way with a 20 year history of them.

Stay strong my friends! Since then it has been sheer hell.