So if somebody could help me in this? I’m not having much luck through my searches in the forums on this topic. Of course there is a simple workaround. Unfortunately I’ve no chance to debug this behaviour properly with BDedit because the the code multiply performs on different titles in MovieObject. Hit the “Read” button 4. Pelican, Any way this can be incorporated into you program so that it is easier to figure out the correct order for these seamless branching movies?

I did the same as above and it made subtitle 2 forced instead. Is there a way of making such a video interruptible? Main features of BDedit: Views Page Discussion View source History. Hi Pelican- Sorry about that! That’s all I got. Hey Pelican, are you working on chapter export?

Only set stream or no change stream. What’s meaning of the “Extent Start Point” content? Thanks for your answers, Pelican: It is that some producers chose 10 mins and other 11 seconds. Are you actually seeing that 10min delay or are you just assuming that it is.

Putting this back into the bd structure, as you can imagine, the new audio won’t play. You can play bdevit m2ts clip on your computer if your system has any player which can handle the m2ts files.

And God knows that deank deserves it. If there is anyone who can help, I would appreciate it very much. It still has subtitle 2 for when I want to use them. Thanks Devilman for the quick reply.


The workaround I found was to enter the hexadecimal value in the appropriate box. No dts-hd after bd rebuilding By Gizzie in forum Blu-ray Ripping. Of course there is a simple workaround.

In addition, would you mind listing new features of the coming-soon 0. Very long thread on the subject of identifying forced subs Here. Can you help me? Yes, but it has to scan the tracks to determine approximately the bitrates. I’ve just started to develop. Therefore, I believe the “tag” is constant.

BDedit – BD structure edit – Page 9 – Doom9’s Forum

The 2nd eye stream technically isn’t really on the disc, it’s the same file that’s referenced twice but only once physically on the disc. So, how is the Bdefit subpath being selected? In wich of the movie objects should the commands inserted? Highlight the new line 7.

Questions about BDedit and SetStream command for subtitles

In those Playlists I’ve put the timelines in the order they’re suppose to play. By the way, this tool seems pretty good but it’s also kind of useless without any kind of how-to For example, instigation via the SetNVTimer command. Anyone know what this is? I’m working on a Blu-ray fored generated by Adobe Encore. The change log references a version 0. I hope I’ll release a stable version in few weeks which won’t need updates for some time. Input the following shown below, do not input the “Hex” values, they will bdeddit once the other settings are made.


Thank you so much. You go to the middle field of those and enter for audio stream one for audio stream 2 for audio stream 3 then just click somewhere and you will see a number appear on the right side.

I hope you or anyone else who knows enough about it can help me with the following problem: The most important files: Whatever this beedit is, it takes a destination register GPR1 in this case. Once again, excellent work guys!

Forced subtitles on Dune Base 3D and Mede8er 600/1000x3d

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Thank you “Pelican” for your outstanding efforts! PTS, frame or time. Hit the “Read” button 4.