The Shield, epic TV series! She cuts his hand in virtuoso slow-motion from Johnson and a domestic knife-swinging scuffle ensues. Did you realise the lead actor that plays Jackson Teller is also a Geordie? G That is ony my list to watch, I know a few people who really enjoy it. Dexter excellent , Prison break from ok to excellent , 24 excellent , The Sopranos excellent and Sons of Anarchy meh, but usually very good all done and dusted. Just about to wrap up as well I gather?

Currently working my way through it with my wife. And yet another vote for Justified Written and I think directed at times by Guillermo del Toro. The other three I’ve never even considered, I’ll definitely have a peep though. Walt treks out to call and lie to Skyler. Plenty of stuff to watch free HERE http: Is “The Wire” any good?

Orange is the new black is great, as is true dic. Boardwalk Empire really is fantastic. Just finished watching BB for the second time and it’s almost better second time around, you see and notice stuff you didn’t see first timeso I had the same dilemma and went for Orange is the new Black, it’s greatvery watchable lol What after Breaking Bad??

Like I said, the chances of a feature film director doing TV work is unusual, but Breaking Bad and Johnson turned out to be a natural fit.

Rian Johnson’s Crucial Influence on Breaking Bad

The wire is fantastic The killing Scandinavian versions Glue e4 at the moment. Almost the entire episode takes place in the lab between Walt and Jesse. Sons of Anarchy is excellent, is does get a bit daft when ralniertamayo end up in Norn Irn as mentioned, but that aside, it’s been fantastic.


And yet another vote for Justified You’ll need to buy it on DVD or blu ray as it only was made this year. Castle, though not in the same league as most mentioned here is good fun and has a good sense of humour. Have loved it and it more than compensated for not having Breaking Epiode in my life anymore!

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It was like the show was giving us one last breather. Justified is excellent but it’s hard to watch without developing a craving for Kentucky bourbon. The best television series i ever watched was The Sopranos, i loved Breaking Bad, but i would recommend this Walt has spent so much time telling himself and those around him that he can keep his family safe, xeason now, with his life unraveling, he lies in ruin.

Post breaking bad nothing stuck until Homeland.

It was the first sign that this would be a polarizing episode among viewers. My The Wire boxset arrived yesterday so will get into that once I have finished watching Rectify, which is getting really good now, I’m breakinh to season 2 episode 6. I own and have watched all 4 seasons. The Shield, epic TV series!

Also got The Following series starring Kevin Bacon. No mention of the sopranos We can see early that Walt is breakihg a distressed state.

Now, The Wire, I have the boxset incoming, so looking forward to this. Netflix etc or should I just buy the box set and have done with it?

Rian Johnson’s Crucial Influence on Breaking Bad | If I Had An Orchard

Sorry, the thread about True Detective made me realise that I’ve just finished season 3 of 5? Gomorrah, just watched series 1, so gripping that I watched the 12 sdason over 3 days.


Breaking Bad is a must see! Has a very real edge to it. Next, Walt gives up Jesse to Uncle Jack and requests him killed.

A friend at work loves it. Will give SOA a go. Totally agree and aeason well said although we still do the odd decent show the American market is excelling itself!

Blacklist is one to be avoided imho. A different type of viewing but another vote for House of Cards A very good suggestion, both the newer US version and of course the original UK one. Rainierramayo had the same dilemma after finishing Breaking bad and went for The Walking Dead.

G That is ony my list to watch, I know a few people who really enjoy it. As we’ve not sesson Sky just normal Freeview what’s the best way of viewing Breaking Bad i. Realise it’s not finished yet, but really enjoying The Strain, can’t remember which channel it’s on, Watch HD? What in the world is a bottle episode?

Just finished Damages on Netflix, very good, as is House of Cards. Ahh yes, I missed the obvious “Game of Thrones” – well worth a watch.

It doesn’t hurt that Stana Katic is smoking hot. Just had The Wire delivered on recommendation from this thread.