The second season had 13 episodes which began airing on April 20, , with the last episode airing on July 27, The pilot episode was Spartan vs Ninja. The third season had 10 episodes, running from July 20, to September 14, ending with a two-episode finale. Back for Blood,” on Tuesday, April 20 8: Two of the most lethal foes ever faced by American GIs square off in a bloody showdown. This page was last edited on 21 February , at The history, culture, and general fighting philosophies of each are explained.

An epic match featuring the Comanche, the fierce, Native American killer against the Mongol, the barbaric warrior who conquered more territory than any empire in history. Towards the middle, a GSG9 entered a warehouse occupied by a SWAT member armed with a Incapacitating electro magnetic multi projectile mechanism which is basically a made in china weapon compiled of 32 tazers glued together. Afterward the Monk and Ninja engaged in endless celestial sex. Israeli Commando In this episode of The Aftermath, we wrap up the season by taking a closer look at what happens when the elite fighting forces of the United States and Israel face off. Sometimes, the targets are covered with armor that is representative of what would be worn by the warrior’s opponent. The Taliban shot the IRA thousands of times but they were too drunk to feel the bullets. They were arguing about ninja eggs and spartan shields, and how a ninja could beat a pirate.

After the battle dramatization has ended, the number of killing blows or effectiveness percentages in season 3 attained by each weapon during the computer simulations is revealed. Back for Blood In this all new episode, the best warriors from season 1 are resurrected once again to vie for the titles of Deadliest Ancient and Modern Warrior.

In this week’s Aftermath, we take a closer look at what happens when Persian Immortals go up against the Celt Warriors.

Well they did do a program with the History Channel, Decisive Battlesthat we know for sure used the Total War game engine to simulate historical fighters. Genghis Khan was squashed by the Carthaginian elephant while celebrating his victory over Hannibal. Dave Baker, veteran weapons maker since season one, was given his own segment in which he gives background information used to recreate the show’s weapons.

As of JanuaryGeoff Desmoulin announced on his Twitter profile that Spike had canceled the series. The show is narrated by Drew Skye.



warroor Defend and Conquer was released on March 11, and is currently available for download on the iPhone and iPod Touch. The Nazis fell for the traps but luckily they vw a flamethrower so they had some spicy asain food. Spike TV network shows s American television series s American television series American television series debuts Historical television series American television series endings Television shows about weaponry Television programs adapted into video games Death games in fiction.

Their “battle engine” was nothing more than the 1st Edition New World of Darkness [1] system put into a spreadsheet.

Deadliest Warrior S02e07 – Somali Pirate Vs. Medellin Cartel – video dailymotion

The Taliban shot the IRA thousands of times but they were too drunk to feel the bullets. Retrieved from ” https: Taliban” episode was ridiculed during the first episode of You Have Been Watchinga British television review and panel game hosted by critic Charlie Brooker.

On April 7,Spike Games announced a sequel to their downloadable home console fighting game, Deadliest Warrior: Just like any other fanboy, they will defend their show with a burning passion while wearing their novelty t-shirts and baseball caps. This procedure is skillfully done so they’ll usually pit a faggot with a sword and cotton armor against some bitch with iron plates rpisode an AK More Seasons in Series See All.

Except some dumbass who read it and conquered Europe. Along with the use of 21st century science and the latest in CGI technology, the series enlists warrior-specific, world-class fighters and experts to provide insight into what makes these combatants tick, analyzing every facet of their unique skills of destruction, culminating in a head-to-head final fight between two legends of the battlefield that will produce the deadliest warrior.

It was created to answer questions from viewers, address its perceived inconsistencies, and provide a commentary from contributors.

The show was characterized by its use of data compiled in creating a dramatization of the warriors’ battle to the death. Just like any other forum thread Basically, there are two types of “people” who would even bother talking about the matter, whom of which are the haters and fanboys. Spetznaz, will be complete with all new tests and ultimate final battles to determine THE deadliest two warriors from season one. The chinks lose again, this time to the frenchwho were actually pretty badass back then.


Knowing that one man couldn’t possibly argue with himself, Unless he was some basement dweller no-life that eeadliest to himself on AIM because he cant make friends it gathered two other butt-buddies to craft the show we know today as Deadliest Warrior.

This page was last edited on 21 Februaryat For the episode “U. The Roman Centurion from epiosde two is also playable, with more characters to be added as the series progressed. These two brutal crime gangs will face off with machine guns, machetes and explosive car bombs. It ended with the last KGB guy getting choked with piano wire. Some possible if a bit off-the-wall ideas behind ogb backstories of the simulations. In ca episode of The Aftermath, we wrap up the season by taking a closer look at what happens when the elite fighting forces of wwrrior United States and Israel face off.

In the latest Aftermath, we’ll take on the controversies that erupt when the Aztec Jaguar episose off against the Zande warrior. IRA simulation was a modded game of Counter-Strike. Hannibal”, another online web series started.

Attila the Hun vs. The historical adviser in the first and second season and associate producer in the second season was Barry C.

Spike TV’s ‘Deadliest Warrior’ Returns for New Season April 20

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The pilot episode was Spartan vs Ninja. The Movie will involve all the victorious warriors fighting off the Zombie Apocalypse.

Wtf kinda match up is this, a nigger was on the SEAL team, and an Israeli-born wrestler who was never actually an Israeli commando was on the commando team. Ancient Combata compilation of Deadliest Warrior: