And tell me something how can she still bear a child when Samrat shot out her womb to kill the last child? Try those options and do not degrade women by allowing this DOG to win again. She says thats not possible. Wtf is all this……. AmandaS 11th Apr – 2: Until Samrat repents I have boycotted this serial. Hi do the writers not know of invitro fertilization. They are pissing us viewers of Zee, by doing this getting back at the station.

Di 11th Apr – 4: I thought he was intelligent but he is not at all. They are pissing us viewers of Zee, by doing this getting back at the station. Damini and anirudh ask what nonsense this is, and if he is out of his senses. The show must go on …with new turns and twists…. The script writers should stop such stupid serials and go back to back.

Samrat says that he is free on Sunday and asks if they can keep the programme for the day after tomorrow. This is time for the reintroduction of Radha with inshan child. Please dont write crap!!! Do you ku in-laws EVER connive to break up marriages?

Samrat shoves him away, saying that he doesnt have guts, and hence he isnt able to save shaurya. As far as this having nothing to do with injustice, I differ with you there, because I can see many parallels to real life.

A very long, dirty, disgusting dream. Come on writers be realistic and turn this show around. Ishaan tries to coax him into rethinking.


Nonsense serial… No reality at all. But this program is making a mockery of every one. How well are we writing THAT story?

What a load of shit!!! Sorry I did not know I could not use that word. Our own life is our own story. The script odli should stop such stupid serials and go back to back. Anyone who believes this BS definitely need some educating. Urmi is about to take milk for shaurya, when ishaan demands for coffee.

Doli armaanon ki episode song

The writers and the actors have done a superb job depicting how disgusting injustice really is. Until Samrat repents I have boycotted this serial. Urmi comes back with coffee, while he keepes getting restless.

Do you think an ex-husband EVER physically mentally and emotionally tortures his ex-wife after divorce? Bcuty 12th Apr – 9: Please take arrmaanon comments seriously. When you;re under extreme stress dreams can get really extremely far out….

AmandaS 11th Apr – 9: The armaanonn are showing that only bad people can win in the world they are not putting any thing good for young people to learn they are teaching them they wrong thing and it a shame to Indian society. Welcome, Login to your account.

Doli Armaanon Ki Episode Song

Sign in Recover your password. If the child is so sick then he might die b4 this baby is born. Kt 11th Apr – 3: These writers are writing for stupid people who do not think. Khushi 11th Apr – She is super happy of the commencement of her plan, and he demands for a plan.


I am sure there are other options that is if the child is really sick. I think they are just trying to expose all the indecent things a woman or women in general has to go through — not just in India, but all over the world. He says all is well. Please ,perform your drama with intelligence. Writer,dramas are made to teach the society good morals.

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I thought it was some kind of injection in the elevator that aborted the baby. Its the first time I ramaanon seen so many comments about a show. As I said the script writers are taking all of us to be stupid and fools. The show must go on …with new turns and twists….

Exactly we have modern medical technology. Is this the only option or is this the best option. Princess 12th Apr – 6: He is happy, that everything is on paper.

This is so disgusting. Samrat asks ishaan if he understood, that he wants urmi untouched, for the effect.