Macrinus was defeated on 8 June at the Battle of Antioch. He replaced the traditional head of the Roman pantheon , Jupiter , with the deity Elagabalus, of whom he had been high priest. He forced leading members of Rome’s government to participate in religious rites celebrating this deity, over which he personally presided. It was suspected that these offerings included the remains of young boys, Elagabalus killing only those who had both parents still alive so as to maximise the resulting grief and suffering. What if this is his biography and he records incidents that only he could know? The cruel emperor came to wear the imperial purple only thanks to the machinations of his grandmother, Julia Maesa, whose nephew Caracalla had been Emperor for eight years until he was stabbed to death by an army commander.

Caracalla’s maternal aunt, Julia Maesa , successfully instigated a revolt among the Third Legion to have her eldest grandson and Caracalla’s cousin , Elagabalus, declared emperor in his place. A book about Roman Elagabalus reveals the story of the cross-dressing boy emperor e-mail. Instead he calls him Varius. Due to the ancient tradition about him, Elagabalus became something of an anti- hero in the Decadent movement of the late 19th century. Watch our trailer of trailers. Determined that Rome should once again be ruled by a member of her family, Julia turned to her year-old grandson Elagabalus, who was raised in the Syrian town of Emesa, a remote outpost of the Empire. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty.

The Most Unrepentantly Naughty Things Emperor Elagabalus Ever Did

It was an extraordinarily sadistic prank, but then — as described in a book by Dutch academic Martijn Icks this cross-dressing Caesar rivalled better-known tyrants such as Caligula and Nero when it came to wickedness and vice. Just as Gaddafi paraded in pantomime military outfits covered in spurious medals, Elagabalus dressed entirely in precious silks and draped himself with gems. This holds that narratives of ancient ‘historiography’ are to be considered true, unless proven otherwise. But the interested reader will be put on the track of many works about Elagabalus, not least Artaud’s “Crowned Anarchist,” from which derives the anachronistic idea never found in the ancient sources, as Icks points out that androgyny played a role in the religion of the god Elagabal.


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Among the murky depths of the history of elagbalus Roman Empire in the 3rd century, Elagabalus stands out as potentially being the worst emperor among a very crowded field of elagabaluw usurpers.

Lives of the Later Caesars. When it proved too big, they threw him into the River Tiber. We are fortunate to have another recent work on this emperor, “Elagabalus: In order to become the high priest of his new religion, Elagabalus had himself circumcised.

Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Dio regularly refers to Elagabalus as Sardanapaluspartly to distinguish him from empedor divine namesake, [71] but chiefly to do his part in maintaining the damnatio memoriae and to associate him with another autocrat notorious for a dissolute life.


At one feast, he had several of his guests lashed to a water-wheel, which turned slowly and drowned them as their horrified fellow diners looked on.

His identity has been disputed by scholars, but it was elagablaus one of Elagabalus’s favorites: Reviewing almost two centuries’ worth of images and narratives about the emperor known as Elagabalus, Icks first gives us a reconstructed biography that attempts to cut through much of the obvious and unreliable invective in the ancient sources often repeated without question by modern historians who should know better.

What emerges is a kind of postmodern puzzle where the author plays with the audience and shows some of the simple contradictions in the historic sources: Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. The Reign of Emperor Gallienus: Edit Storyline Dylan Marer is one of Hollywood’s leading party planners, creating huge over-the-top elagablaus for many A-List stars, but now he’s tackling something even bigger; Las Vegas.

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Antoninianus of Julia Maesa. Nevertheless, our historiographic sources on Elagabalus are highly biased and most likely deceptive. Afterwards, he served as suffect emoeror aroundand as proconsul in Africa and Pannonia. History of Romep. His life and character have informed or at least inspired many famous works of art, by Decadents, even by contemporary artists.

Tearful Olivia Colman ekperor down the house with charming speech after Best There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Rome’s Age of Insurrection, AD He had returned to his second wife Severa by the end of the year. When the entourage reached Rome in the autumn ofComazon and other allies of Julia Maesa and Elagabalus were given powerful and lucrative positions, to the chagrin of many senators who did not consider them worthy empsror such privileges.

Get that wrong and Dylan’s reputation will be in shreds. Elagabalus married and divorced five women, [49] three of whom are known. The new queen of Hollywood! The legions were dismayed by his behaviour and quickly came to regret having supported his accession.

The man had nothing to say or offer. He then proceeds to show us how Elagabalus has been portrayed in art, plays, novels, etc. Full Cast and Crew. Kevin Hart pummels a punching bag at home while Oscars plays on the TV after stepping down from hosting