Yesterday it was india vs pakistan T20 World cup match. Feriha Yilmaz Hazal Kaya , protagonista serialului, locuieste in Istanbul, impreuna cu parintii si cei doi Each and every character did great job even lara and tulip and neet bahar also. A season where there is no Feriha in it. It was also a great and unique experience for me related to this show. Can you please post the translations. Anonymous January 20, at

But going to everywhere for its promotion is not logical to them now. I don’t have a source to see them. K that has left such a deep impact on all the viewers that makes us come here to express our feelings about it. I Think AFK was his first show and we all see how much he mesmrized us with his brilliant acting and looks also ; A perfect combination of good personality,nice looks and acting skills. When the show was gaining so much popularity -the production was at the peak of success and stardom,they should’nt have let it go in the first place due to any rhyme or reason..!! I love all your blogs. He do his best but this was not fault of Hazal and Cagatay.

I feel sad feriha dies.

Dont you think a couple like feriha and emir desreves a happy ending. I’m even surprised a lot of Indian watching it.

Anyways AFK despite all iflm flaws will be remembered for its perfect casting, the lead chemistry and offcourse impeccable expressions by most of the cast: There were two shots, did both of them hit Feriha or one for Emir n Emir saved.

As for you AFK fans.

Извините, но этот сайт или его страница сейчас отключены.

I love emir and feriha. And it is timing is around 7pm to 8pm in India.

So 9episodes more and Feriha alvida. U r such a great person Feriha is first Turkish Drama to go on air in India and it was a real rp to watch n know such beautiful artists across globe.


I wrote the summaries for my other blog in my native language when it was broadcasted here Romania 1, years ago. Unknown Reriha 16, at 7: I dont know if I can gather enough courage ever to watch this malfunctioning of my favourite show in future.

Serial Turcesc Feriha Ep 55

Thank you johanna, can you tell me what had happend with others in short? I have heard this voice before in history channel and discoveries documentries dubbed in hindi but dont know who is behind it. Hey Jo,m Shweta frm India I wanted to watch them together so much. Dragoste infinita episodul 55 -Kara Sevda ep 55 – Filme online Why didn’t they rush to help her? I feel good and bed for them and its very rare for me because i m nt generally of attach to tv and film characters bt they are among ferlha few who touched my heart.

After this show I start liking Turkey and its culture. Its power of their acting skills and ofcourse they are one of the most good looking couple onscreen Of the world thats why appreciated equally everywhere.

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In the second time he was shot, Yavuz literally shot him 3 times, but he survived while Feriha died. Watching AFK from last year. Unknown March 17, at 9: If you are real fan of femir you can’t watch those episodes. Indeed,it’s really unique love story. But finally I have found you all. Anonymous March 20, at 8: Discover and save your own Pins on Pinterest.

Today I literary cried while emir was talking to koray after engagement. I am so obssesed with Hazal and Cagatay and this show that r just the sake of hearing their actual voice and deleted scenes ofcourse I watched Adini Feriha Koydum,the original version in turkish on you tube.


Their is so much I said before and their is not limit of words for describing my unique experiences for this show kahal I have to stop myself now.

I would like to thank Johannah from the bottom of my heart that such a beautiful blog was created by her wherein I could express my views and emotions.

Serial Feriha Ep 66

But obviously it won’t shown early that’s why they have shown some part of 3rd season yesterday. Apart from the storyline twist and turns i think this shows background music ,natural acting of all the characters justifying their roles and both darker and brighter side of almost all the character is what makes it outstanding for me And who can forget the amazing chemestry of hazal and cagagtay.

This made the story come alive as it related so closely with the reality of life. All what is happening at last are just the blunders done by the writer for the sake of finishing it.

Let us keep the spark alive. This is rilm brilliant example for me that a brilliant art of work influence all human in almost similar ways. So she left the show. Nu vreau sa il laud pe Cagatayrolul lui Emir i-a venit manusa fata de Yaman din Medcezir.