On John Street, until , there lived Alexander Hamilton, and probably Robert Fulton was working on the plans for his steamboat in a loft near by. On one occasion property to the amount of fifteen pounds sterling was seized by the agent of the vicar. We learn our lessons together; we write after breakfast and read after dinner and spell and cypher after supper. Now at the close of life I must leave this to others, wishing you well with judgment to guide your affairs, and the blessing of the Lord. All their children were born at Orange, New Jersey. William Colgate, though greatly in need of work, thanked him for the friendly willingness to give him a position, but respectfully declined the offer. She was the daughter of Frederic R.

In naming the various members of the family when the first and last names are identical, we have followed what we believe to be customary. Wilson Pine was married. The above John and Elizabeth left issue five sons and three daughters: At number 6 Dutch Street, William Colgate and his brother, Bowles, would talk business over the tea cups, a custom which for many, many years was followed by the Colgate brothers during their afternoon conferences. If you wish to look up your ancestors, find your name and number in the index and turn to that number in the book. He was employed by the firm of A.

John Colgate married 3 Esther-who died on January 19th, Wilson Pine, daughter of Benjamin M. It is possible that another sister of Robert Colgate, Charlotte Colgate, and her husband, James Pine, also accompanied Robert on that journey across the Atlantic, as she is said to have come to America in and to have settled in Maryland, later moving to New York City.


Charles Irwin Dunn was a broker and resided in Baltimore.

Samuel Cooke, assisted by the Reverend Dr. Henrietta Wilson Selden streamng not married, and was actively interested in local charities and church. Title Colgate Armorial Bearings. Smith, and resided at New Brunswick.

He was a miller and farmer, and upon enquiring for the best lands in Maryland was directed to Deer Creek, at Darlington, Harford County.

One of the achievements in which Filstno Colgate took great pleasure was the gathering together of data from all parts of the world on the history of the Baptist Church.

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George in Colegate, St. There are no children. The position of assistant clerk will not give me the opportunity I desire. Colgate Baker and his wife had a beautiful home in Yokohama and Kobe. She promoted many philanthropies during her life sixty years in Yonkersone of which was an administration building to Colby Junior College at New London, then known as Colby Academy; and another, the presentation of a new chapel building to Colgate University in memory of her father in Charles Colgate was born on the Munro estate at Mamaroneck, and was but two years old when the family moved to the farm in Delhi.

Jacob Klein, our contemplated brother-in-law, some months since, communicated to me the object of his attention to your sister. Having noticed that the great California watershed had been untouched as a source of power, he formed the Yuba Electric Power Company.


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They were married by Reverend Richard S. During the Civil War, he, as a gold broker, was of great assistance to the Union in stabilizing its financial credits. Storrs of Brooklyn, New York.

They resided in New York City. It afterwards passed to the Duke of Norfolk. Colgate, son of Bowles Colgate.

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He was engaged in farming in Gloucester County. George at Colegate and that church was used by the friars for their own. Dudley Selah Strong attended Lawrenceville School and is an accountant. She was devotedly loved by the Carrolls, and it was there that she met Dr.

Streamiing, an Englishman and a banker. Cleveland Abbepaid to her the following tribute: She then acquired a farm at Palmer, which she named Dingley Dell, and in she sold it and lived first at Williamstown, and later at Beckett, in Massachusetts. Therefore, my dear children, rejoice with me and be thankful to The Most High.

Samuel Lord was not married. The journey was a difficult one, made in a covered wagon, and taking many weeks.

They were married by his father, assisted by Reverend Duncan McCulloch ,