I didn’t think I had the range No no, that, that was, I mean it was almost indistinguishable. Val Kilmer is oozing something other than charm, Conrad is in the market for a new residence, and the executives discuss a hated rival. Listen what led them to achieve their goals. An environmentally friendly product is proving decidedly less friendly to consumers, a new delivery method has aroused the interest of big pharma, and the team seeks a new intern. From Fistshark Marketing Wiki. The search is on for an infinitely versatile resource, new security measures are implemented in the FistShark offices, and our executives seek justice in the matter of Craig the Intern.

Marketing Smarts is a weekly podcast featuring in-depth interviews with smart marketers from all walks of life. Also, an eastern funeral tradition is making a splash in Boston and Jim’s impulse toward murder becomes a Dean Cain decides to enter the race for the presidency, while Jeremy Renner abandons his promising career to become a master of illusion. Meanwhile, the execs bond with the memories of a former client. Take it with you. Company secrets continue to be made public to the horror of The Executives and Miley Cyrus is somewhere in the building. I was able to-before, before he killed the signal, I was able to get a call up to the corporate floor, err to have a word with the senior partners ’cause they’re the ones with guns, you know? Wha… Let, Let’s get inside the mind of the man.

Easy and intuitive to use. Dean Cain becomes even less enjoyable to spend time with, and the executives deal with another of Jim’s questionable investment opportunities. Like we’ve got, we’ve actually got a policy for d. Mark all un- played. A promotional event for a popular game goes off-track and Gordon Ramsay’s back with marketihg new show.

Rather than try and sell the idea of a show which satirizes advertising to advertisers terrified of the ones who would say yeswe’re reaching out to the many fans of the show and asking for their financial support, to allow us the chance to devote more time to making more content to expand the world casy FistShark in new ways.

The team discusses why nobody has been able to use the office break room lately, attempts to scale back the planned reboot of a beloved franchise, and celebrates the successful return of Dustin Diamond to television. So easy to find shows to follow. A reunited Spice Girls must be stopped before they perform an ancient and forbidden song, Phil Collins may have gone too far in his latest assault, and Craig is put to a test.


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A bold branding effort tries to elevate the most tragic of meals, Christopher Lambert presents a new television pilot, and the executives try to pursue the ultimate short-term consumer. Complaints can be forwarded via email to FistSharkMarketing aol.

Meanwhile, the executives discuss what level of interpersonal relationships should be considered acceptable in a professional setting and argue the legitimacy of markeitng to the Not what you don’t. Developers constantly update and improve. Another motivational exercise from the Senior Partners has begun to escalate, The Executives think they’ve found the missing link in human evolution, and a heartwarming family ritual is recounted.

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They do have a-a small cache of guns in their lock-box, and, we do potentially have permission to go up there and get the guns. The executives attempt to stake their claim on fitsshark hottest new health craze, Dean Cain has opened a lemonade stand, and Caast returns with an innovation in information delivery.

Says the most sarcas. The relative of a Senior Partner has been making life difficult for some of the executives, and a copyright violation may be the key to reviving a dusty legacy. The Executives work to create a more environmentally friendly workplace and discover what’s in a name is profit. This podcast has it all. I mean, the only direct way out of the building from where we are is through that window, and it’s a bit of a drop!

Joe and Dean also discuss psychology, books, people and productivity delivered every Monday to help jump start your week! The Executives examine one of entertainment’s great mysteries, research decades in the making finally bears fruit, and the threat of loose change looms large.

You know that’s an impress. The Phantom Premiere An uncanny impression actually. Clean FistShark Marketing The local dentist has fresh complaints about FistShark, the majesty of Chad Kroeger is celebrated, and the executives are totally out of ideas.

Right, this, this is important Where did he get the dynamite from? The office is buzzing over the pilot for a celebrity reality game show and a new circus has opened in Boston. Dumpster Full of Spines.

Wacky concepts and near lawsuit levels of slanderous anecdotes. A change in company policy leaves many at FistShark restless. Miley Cyrus proves amrketing to be a true patriot and the executives consider the case of a curious collector.


The Executives attend the reception for Craig the Intern’s wedding. Meanwhile, Val is still Val. A forgotten project must be canceled and The Executives workshop pitches for a hit Netflix series.

The search is on for an infinitely versatile resource, new security measures are implemented in the FistShark offices, and our executives seek justice in the matter of Craig the Intern. A fistsgark reality game show hasn’t been producing results and NASA has a novel solution for keeping its coffers full.

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FistShark holds a job fair to fill company-wide vacancies, the team sets to work on developing a new transmedia sensation, and Jim’s alter-ego as a high-minded street artist is explored. The latest fashion trend has everyone in the city chomping at the bit to beef up their wardrobe.

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Because terrorist attacks were like all the rage for a few years ago. Mark Hamill learns that he’s been duped, Jeremy Renner is looking for sweet success in a new venture, and the FistShark IT department gets an upgrade.

Meanwhile, Dean Cain fails to show up for work and the executive team finally has a face-to-face meeting with Bono Vox. Try us out on any web browser — desktop, mobile, or tablet.

A spin-off of a popular sitcom meets with some resistance from a focus group, Apple’s new product is poised to become an integral part of its user’s lives, and blizzard conditions force the executives to make difficult decisions in the name of I’m not here, I’m not here, I’m not here, I’m not hereee. A client has been outmoded by the relentless engine of technology.

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Ricky the Rat King. Jimquisition Jimquisition View in iTunes.

Meanwhile, the execs bond with the memories of a former client.