He started training at the tender age of eight and was soon competing with the Heros Hanover boxing club. Even prior to the Nazis’ rise to power, he fell victim to racism when the selection committee for the Olympic Games snubbed him in favor of a fighter he had recently beaten. He tried to keep a low profile, but the camp commandant had been a boxing official before the war and recognized Trollmann. The boxing fans who filled the brewery bellowed and whooped, overwhelmingly supportive of Trollmann as he whirled around the ring. But on that fateful summer evening, a hint of the tumult to come rumbled through the gathered crowd. More articles from category Czech Government Agency for Social Inclusion criticizes housing benefit-free zones. His victory would be short lived.

A new fight was scheduled for 21 July, with Gustav Eder as Trollmann’s opponent. Videos Words Photos About. Views Read Edit View history. In the movies, Rukeli would have been the underdog. Miles Davis and Boxing. Czech MP tells Culture Ministry to increase funding for publications in national minority languages 2. Hitler was known to be an admirer of boxing and was keen to see his idea of the master race being superior to all others, especially Jews, Roma and Sinti, so the sight of Trollmann succeeding agitated the German leader.

This article needs additional citations for verification. This page was last edited on 30 Octoberat The prisoners committee decided to act. Nazi Germany had taken his heavyweight title, his professional career, and now his future.

Once they secured political power inthe Nazis were quick to take control of a sport which had become hugely popular in the Weimar Republic. Die Homepage wurde aktualisiert.

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He covered himself in flour and laughed in the face of Nazi stupidity. Death in the Ring: He proceeded to beat the fighter with a shovel until he was dead. The name of the memorial is simply “,” Trollmann’s concentration camp prisoner number.



Born in Hannover inTrollmann was raised as one of eleven in a Sinti family in the old town of the German city. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The boxing fans who filled the brewery bellowed and whooped, overwhelmingly supportive of Trollmann as he whirled around the ring.

Friederike Trollmann, mother of Johann. Trollmann knew that he was sure to lose if he had to forego his lightfootedness, so he decided to make his mark in another way. Gilm performed his last boxing match as a caricature of an “Aryan” boxer, dying his hair blond and powdering his face.

After Jews were officially banned from the sport, the light heavyweight title was made vacant by Jewish boxer Erich Seelig who had fled the country. Miles Davis and Boxing. Now he was brought low, starved and exhausted from hour days of slave labor.

In response, Trollman moved to Berlin and turned professional. The Nazi takeover had an immediate effect on the boxing world, with party members taking up positions as top officials in the federation and Jews were immediately banned from the sport. Celebrating spaces of self-representation. Cornelius soon sought revenge for his humiliation and forced Trollmann to work all day until he was exhausted, before attacking and killing him with a shovel.

They faked his death and managed to get him transferred to the adjacent camp of Jonann under an assumed identity. A Kapo was a prisoner deemed responsible for the others within the Nazi hierarchy—usually violent convicts, and often more sadistic than the guards themselves.

Its key features were its sturdiness—and its lopsidedness. Forced to exchange blows and absorb punishment from Eder—a formidable puncher and a considerably larger man—Johann was at great disadvantage. Artist Hofstetter says that the Trollmann memorial is important for making the connection with discrimination today and for creating a positive image of Roma and Sinti people. The following day, Cornelius, seemingly unable to accept his loss, crept up behind Rukeli as he worked.


We are Romani, for sure. Its serving hall and former tap-room boxrr had been home to concerts, political rallies, and boxing matches since the turn of the century.


Local authorities wanted to build another camp there for Roma after the war How were Romani members of the Czechoslovak Legionnaires rewarded for their service? Before long, he would iflm victim to the Nazi genocide. He struggled to fend for himself, was sent twice to Hannover-Ahlen labour camp and went into hiding for troll,ann time to avoid further persecution.

Regardless of your feelings on the sport, the story of Johann Trollmann is one of heroic tragedy. Undeterred, Rukeli moved to Berlin and turned professional, winning 29 of his 52 fights between October and May Videos Words Photos About.

A Fight for Memory: Monument Honors Sinti Boxer Murdered by the Nazis – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Suddenly, albeit in sad circumstances, Trollmann had a shot at glory as he was paired with Adolf Witt on 9 June in a contest for the unoccupied belt. Growing up, the olive-skinned boy had a graceful body, lean and long-limbed—with an inborn sturdiness that earned him the nickname. Drafted into the Wehrmacht inhe was sent to occupied France and the Eastern Front. When he entered the ring that night he wasn’t fighting to win, but to maintain his dignity.