He says him that it was his love marriage with Mariam and she says him that he had loved him. He forcibly marries her but as he takes her to home, she picks up her hand saying he did right to let her get out from that house, she always wanted to become independent. Her daughter comes with her father and says her that she didn’t even care of her. When Faisal sleeps, she goes to balcony to meet Fahad. Bibi always thinks that no one will come until her death. And she further says that after that daughter-in-law lived in her brother’s home. They fight with each other but stop because of Munni stops them to fight. She is happy that she getting married to Yasir but gets shocked when she finds that Asif is Yasir’s father.

At the age of nine, his family moved to Mumbai, India. Seemi begins having flashbacks to moments when her husband has abused her. Her husband beats her and says that why not her son does and fights with him. Examples include Killers, Knight and Day, Mr. He comes to master’s home after this, his servants grab him and beat him long. And that old servant gives her injection of unconsciousness and she becomes unconscious.

Next day, he calls her name but she leaves his home saying that he was wrong that she need money but instead she has all that she needed. While Mian says to servant to let her daughter go because she is also paralysed. Her mother Shakira Ismat Zaidi calls her and says her never to give her rice in night and says her why has he applied makeup in lips. Maham’s behavior towards Fahad is awkward.

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They both stay quiet. Soon Faisal also see Aaliya with that boy and so his mother.

Zebo comes and says where is Munni but her mother lies that she has gone for clothes. A photo posted by Tooba Siddiqui toobasiddiquiofficial on Oct 27, at 6: He becomes very happy and he also gives her gift of Happy Anniversary Day. Ayaz doesn’t allow Aliya as he thinks that modelling is not a good thing.


She starts loving him. Meena calls him and says that they are at bus stop and he should come to pick her, she scattered. Saba is strict with her servants especially with Rozi. While, a man gets oxygen, she removes mask and while he breathes hard, she adds mask again and he breathes again.

But he says that he will not marry until she settles. Faisal also asks her questions she knows and she tells all answers and he says her that they will not ask from her these easy questions and says her he has not problem with her quizz but he has problem with her attitude and says her that she has also other occupations to do.

Member feedback about Sunita Marshall: Kirron has one brother and two sisters. The story of a married couple, Kamran Jeelani and Yasra Rizvi.

When Kashif takes her, his heart falls on her and starts loving her and she doesn’t know this fact. Her daughter comes with her father and says her that she didn’t even care of her. He comes to see her home and are proved to be good friends. Scenes of Farhana are shown to the viewers as a beautiful woman living in a beautiful room.

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The series showcases short stories based on real life situations and now the show is back again under Angeline Malik’s direction and one episode down, the play unfortunately failed to impress or maybe we were expecting too much from it. Member feedback about Noman Masood: The story is of Zubia Sanam Chaudhry who firstly makes egg and Annie Angeline Malik only voice calls her and tells her that there is promotion of lawn’s three-piece suit and asks her if she want to go but she refuses to go.


He is declared dead. The story is vaqi widow, Saba Hameed waiting for her son Saif and Ainy to come. She forgets her phone in gaqi home and when she comes back, she overhears Kamran’s and Rozi’s romantic conversation inside the room. He also adds story in that book. He apologizes her and says her that he had destroyed her time, and now he is ready to get her to home. Uain she says her that how she got her address but she said her that she had got her girhaun months ago.

Angrily, he says his father that he will take his hin so far soon and if he tried to stop him, he will shoot first him, then his father and then himself. While, Meena comes from bus and waits for him but he doesn’t come, she goes to PCO for calling him.

He says her that she will have repentance in her decision if she will not go with him in tomorrow’s flight. Erama is shocked to see Jameel’s dead body.

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She says that bqi is much younger than her so how can he do. The shows’s intertitle on Zindagi. He finds a window there and jumps from there coming down from steps.