On the plus side, the film is devoid of stupid song and dance numbers a couple of gentle tunes aside , and does pose some intriguing questions even if the resolutions provided to some of the problems raised, are a wee bit too pat. The same though cannot be said about Jiah Khan who debuts in this movie. Performances are often not distinguished from roles. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! It’s maybe the most significant finale in all of Bachchan ‘s movies yet, and all of Lolita ‘s movies too. Not to mention being watchable in the same time, and out of the forever-and-ever learned-by-heart old formula with the endless needless songs, numbers, etc. Jiah Khan is perfectly suited to her role of a girl quite careless about the way she is dressed. I can’t say what RGV’s real idea behind using this colour was, maybe I’m seeing too much into a device used merely to present a pretty picture, but to me it opens up a number of interesting possibilities.

By the time jiah and amitabh confront each other with their feelings, the bollywood’s morality fever has returned. The director has made the script sail very smoothly and naturally. This movie did create controversies as being the wrong trend-setter for the coming generations when the people should have noticed the strong flavor of reality of life shown in the movie with very supported justifying dialogues for every portrayal of so called ‘against culture’. Its somewhat a bold theme for a bollywood philum and i think its the inherent discomrfort that the movie has which is the reason that many of the viewers didn’t appreciate this film for. Ram Gopal Varma has done it again. This is film-making at its best.

Nasser as her brother in the film is effective. Bachchan gives yet another powerhouse performance. She always needed a full time parent which she never got.

There is a lot of use of Dutch angles or angles in which the frame is tilted. It’s not easy playing an average joe, but Bachchan does it marvelously.

By the way, this film is a demonstrable argument against the need for an Intermission at all. Gia is the non-typical daughter’s friend who comes to stay with the settled family in the hills of niishabd or a similar location. The same though cannot be said about Jiah Khan who debuts in this movie.


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We have sent you a verification email. Jiah Khan’s character wasn’t fleshed out adequately especially attempting to portray a product from a broken family goes astray on moral front. Good attempt at tackling the unconventional topic of May-December romances. Cinematography is simply superb. Definitely quite controversial for Bollywood. He is better than this movie.

Then his daughter falls and he has to take this girl around places so she is not bored and is daughter nishqbd out. It’s a believable character, and her accent fits right in.

Amitabh-what can I say about this man?

The holding of the tonality so even allows, I think, for our sustained focus on the emotional developments. Coming as it is from AB’s mouth, it gets all the more impressive with his perfect pronunciations and inimitable voice. I strongly believe that love, even when it is triggered by lust, does not always have a straight-forward reason, but is in fact a very complex psychological thing that hott always be rationalized.

Amitabh Bachchan is simply the best actor in Bollywood and he took care of the whole film. The two lead characters are very well fleshed out and acted, and by the time the film ends, if you feel anger at the filmmaker for showing preference toward a protagonist or at not hishabd it all up more conventionally, that is a debatable triumph; you love the characters svene than the story.

I couldn’t wait until the movie was over. He also manages to extract a phenomenal performance from The Megastarniishabd proves he’s always, always capable of making your jaw drop. Remember, Nishabd is essentially about loneliness, and this leisurely pace that Varma creates for the film only contributes to that feeling of loneliness.

And damn the cheesy, escapist cinema of Bollywood in which heroes deliver lofty dialogues and talk of ideals that sound good only on the screen and not in real life. Refrain from posting comments that are obscene, defamatory or inflammatory, and do not indulge in personal attacks, name calling or inciting nisabd against any community.

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Jiah Khan delivered a highly solid performance. Also apropos is Jiah. Mkvie, a friend of Bachan’s daughter comes to stay at their house, and the attraction starts to build up on both sides. Mar 2, My rating for this movie is 8 out of Generally, there is no one great climax, but the film gets more powerful as it approaches the end.


Jiah Khan to go sexy?

Better writing and screenplay was warranted to convincingly flesh out the attraction between the pair in question. Somehow after seeing RGV lose his touch for a while now, i did not have much expectation on Nishabd, thinking that he too is probably just banking on the sex-crazed film industry, my was i wrong.

Remember the toughest roles to play are the ones that are too simple, too normal. I can understand how important it is for the movie’s commercial success to call lust as love, but i expected RGV to be bolder and give us a more radical story.

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This is a real acting job, the creation of an individual character, with the camera almost always on his face, photographed in a naturalistic way that gives us his age, his true skin color, and his sad-eyed good looks.

The Indra Kumar directorial registers hoh highest first-weekend collection of There are many scenes as per the the conventional Bollywood rules could have dictated to be made as over-the-top. Jiah Khan is also excellent as Jia, especially given that this is her first movie. This attraction, though not uncommon, is seldom expressed in real life. Due to its unconventional theme was slammed by the audience but as a film, it stands on strong ground. This is the rationale presented by the movie’s year-old protagonist while explaining his attraction towards a teenager.

What happens when instinct collides with conscience in your choice, what choice you make?

RGV has chosen a very talented bunch of actors, they all excel at their roles, there is no melodrama that is uot associated with scenes regarding infidelity etc.

If it is, then handle it delicately, why don’t you? The maverick filmmaker is truly the master of his craft.