You now again has 30 seconds to start the second process. This blood sample is the Blood Vial I mentioned in the Overlord section. O Miner have these things, too. It will be easier to control the situation that way. Copyright The Full Wiki For a Jetpack the Droid is called “Jetpack crafting droid”. Collect the whole set, kids!

You’ll see what i mean when i’m able to put the movies up. Jedi is a double-edged sword. After the war, it was unknown if the bunker was still active, and if the Death Watch was still working secretly in the galaxy. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Miners tend to carry these. Other things like Alum mMnerals which are NOT listed here are the result of quests and are referred to as rewards in this guide. Subscribe to this message’s RSS Feed.

Death Watch Bunker: Misc

This is however not needed. Their ability to damage both droids and humanoids with T21 and DXR6b Disrupter rifles will without a doubt speed up the trip thru the bunker. However, there are reports of these schematics being looted out of the chests inside the dungeon on Live. Continue bunkwr towards Mappoint 7, using the shortest route possible.

Both Rebel and Imperials has Factional quests inside the bunker. Once he is killed loot him and use the passkey on the security terminal to continue.


For a Jetpack the Droid is called “Jetpack crafting droid”. And you will be attacking almost constantly for hours.

Rhoubhe’s DWB Guide

Popojiju and Imap, our resident Jedi, for risking their lives in precj name of ub3r l3wt. So, now you have your team, and everyone has what they need. Warfront – Public Repo. MA is required to craft the following Mandalorian Armor Parts: He has to be right in front of the terminal.

It will be easier to control the situation that way.

Awakening – Public Repo. This is the hardest of the Key-spawns. Make the tanks assign targets. If you dismount, it will also store instantly. Right now, plans are to finish covering the rest of the DWB content with some Village stuff sprinkled in.

It goes into your datapad as a vehicle deed. Remember you need the Alum Minerals in order to gain access to any the Crafting Rooms. Sentinels Republic – Public Repo. Use your self-healing abilities as a last resort only. He is the one carrying the key needed to unlock the door at Mappoint 4.

Okkoo, the craziest wookiee Combat Medic on Watchh Center, who was ready to roll on raids almost every time.

But again, you may get lucky and loot a jetpack component from the coalbin. And all the bunket folks I’m probably shafting by not mentioning them by name.


Deathwatch Bunker and Jetpack Crafting Guide Video : swgemu

I totally understand how they would help, I just don’t believe they are necessary. If you are Rhoubhe and want me to change or remove this, please contact me.

Now Finally, the Death Watch Bunker. If your group has already finished the quest, you can of course stop by The Foreman and pickup a free one. I’ve been receiving a lot of questions from players about where they can find the above items. And then the fun begins. You have already unlocked all the doors, so you just need to move to Mappoint 6, using the shortest way possible and back again. Twi’leks can’t prefu the helmets presumably because the developers hate them.

As a Master in all of the entertainer professions, what is buff storing? No badge or anything.

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