Episode 10 – Rebel With a Cause 12 links. When Harvey discovers that Cameron is making a deal with Ava’s protege Nick, he reluctantly teams up with Jessica in a different plan of attack. Mike also discusses with Harvey his desire to go to law school and be legit, but Harvey says the only way that could work is if Mike attends law school away from the big cities and hangs up his shingle in a small town — essentially knocking Mike out of “the big leagues”. At the last moment, Darby discovers that with his probation he also loses his license to practice law in the US, therefore allowing Jessica to push for a dissolution of the merger. Rolo’s Ranking of Every Survivor Ever – Survivor Sucks “oh kim johnson is just a byproduct of rolo’s obsession with hags,” they’ll all say but NO. Ava’s defense is now in disarray in part because she concealed a phone call from Colonel Moriga, who is now available for questioning and maintains that Ava paid him for the murders. Episode 12 – Finale:

Ava faces the loss of her freedom, if Harvey can’t produce a win for her case. Mike tells Harvey he plans to leave Pearson Specter. Lessons in Survivor History: Remember me Forgot password? Survivor and Hazard Functions Episode 1 – All Stars Goes Global 40 links. While negotiating with Quelling, Harvey learns of his gambling habit.

Retrieved March 26, At the same time, college senior Mike receives an acceptance letter to Harvard Law school, but later sells answers to a math exam in order to repay a drug debt for his tvvmuse Trevor.

Harvey tells Donna he wants to tell Scottie about Mike because her anger over him keeping secrets is eating him up inside. Louis and Harold enter an escalating battle of legal action and intimidation, and Rachel confronts Louis over the depth of his resentment. Michelle Fairley guest stars in multiple episodes as oil executive Dr.


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Episode 1 – Rookies vs. Stemple hints that he will be able to fix the case, and later confides in Harvey that he did the same in the two previous cases he won. Episode 4 – Of Corsets Fashion 32 links. Archived from the original peisode August 5, Episode 8 – Nina’s Trending 17 links.

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TV series American television seasons American television seasons. Meanwhile, Jessica’s ex-husband Quentin has died, leaving Harvey and Jessica as co-executors.

Swason by Harvey, she learns that Lisa’s main goal is to ensure that Quentin’s research leads to the release of a drug to the market. Harvey sends Mike to ask Robert Zane to pay the Folsom Foods settlement immediately in return for a discount.

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Meanwhile Seasoon tells Rachel about the job offer he got from Jonathan, but doesn’t tell Harvey yet. Meanwhile, Louis is reluctant to return his feline house guest to Nigel, who has returned early from Hong Kong.

She then is chewed out by Harvey, after which Louis lets her work on his case after all. Episode seasoh – History In The Making 12 links.

Harvey beats up Stephen in the men’s room. Mike informs Harvey about Jonathan’s offer, and is concerned when Harvey calmly tells him he should take the job.

After initially threatening to break up with her if she goes to Stanford, Mike is again supportive of Rachel, and she decides to go to Columbia in spite of her rational analysis in favor of Stanford.


In a flashback to ten years ago, Harvey resigns from the DA’s office on the advice of his father and Donna rather than be complicit in Cameron’s ethical violation. Making Mistakes Lessons in Survivor History: Episode 2 – A Night at tvmuuse Opera 8 links. Episode 7 – Pure Imagination 40 links. Harvey is charged with keeping Dr. The cdf of Y Darby appoints Scottie as his new negotiator, with the promise of a named partnership if she wins.

There are no tribes, its all for ones individual self.

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Ultimately feeling he is left without sults, he goes to Harvey to cash in the favor and get Scottie to give his case back. List of Suits characters.

Quelling returns the next day after discovering the agreement Mike made with Harold to pay off witnesses in the Hessington case, and he plans to take it to the New York Bar Association the next day which would expose Mike unless Harvey settles for the higher amount.

Retrieved June 28, Episode 5 – Birthday Suits 19 links. Episode 14 – Season 4 Reunion 19 links. This page was last edited on 30 Januaryat Harvey tells Scottie that he wants not only to work with her, but to have her in his life.