That said, the image still looks great, with the tactile 16mm cinematography offering strong contrast only occasionally marred by compression artifacts. Thunderbolt and Lightfoot quotes. That’s a dumb name. As for war movies and war novels, man, I am not even going to touch that right now. Felix’s Idle Film Fancies. Not, at any rate, in the way they are depicted by Hollywood. We get a real sense of his character’s connection to Bridges which makes the ‘Midnight Cowboy’-ish ending genuinely moving. When cornered, Thunderbolt beats up Leary and convinces him of the truth- the money was never stolen:

Oh yes sir Gary this here film is a bonafide classic, one of my favourites. First, Bridges going to petty-criminals heaven has absolutely nothing to do with the heist, it is just the result of bad circumstances resulting from a fist-fight ironically, that’s what the novelist behind Outlaw Josey Wales died of later. Their partnership is an unholy alliance, made so by the hostile Leary, who detests Lightfoot and regards him as an incapable smart ass unworthy of inclusion. Red and Eddie’s revolvers have “silencers”. Edit Edit this ending. Brutal and deeply felt, Michael Cimino’s debut as a director is a feast for the senses.

You are commenting using your WordPress. I didn’t get your name. Even the mist in the fog-shrouded forest descends as if on heavenly cue. I can’t, or this blog would be longer than the Oscars. I didn’t get your name. Search for a book to add a reference. And Eastwood company player Bill McKinney makes a memorable if brief appearance as mistkes drug-crazed nut with a shotgun and a trunk full of rabbits. My name is ,istakes.

When Thunderbolt tells the bank manager to recite the combination of the outer locks in backwards order, he checks of his list in forward order. Endgame trailer 7 mistakes in Beetlejuice you never spotted Great movie trivia Captain Marvel trailer finally arrives When Clint Eastwood and Jeff Bridges are being chased by George Kennedy and his partner, Bridges is driving off the dirt road down and embankment and you can clearly see that in the passenger seat is a faceless dummy instead of Eastwood or another stunt man.


Jeff Bridges, at the same time, is a leather pants-wearing huckster that makes off with a used car. The Criterion Collection Running Time: At this time Eastwood was already a seasoned veteran, who had worked with some of the best directors available these days Leone, Siegel, to name the 2 most important and had already successfully directed two features so it can well be assumed he also lent his hand at this or that scene.

The buddy side of the film works thanks to the characters and the fabulous actors playing them, while the crime side of the film comes into it’s own with the numerous action sequences, the well thought out caper and, again, the characters; as the buddy element of the film ensures that we always care for their movke. The third focuses on the frenzied getaway, dissolution of the gang and the final showdown with Red.


Oh, and on the subject of the Mafia — nobody uses the word “don” except journalists. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Fast Friends: THUNDERBOLT AND LIGHTFOOT (United Artists 1974)

Email required Address never made public. And no, “terminate with extreme prejudice” is not and never has been official terminology in the cloak-and-dagger set.

Red hates Lightfoot from the get-go, but he cooperates reluctantly as they set up the crime. In real life FBI agents almost never go anywhere alone; they work in pairs, like Mulder and Scully, and no FBI agent in the history of the Bureau has ever worn a red vest. Clint Eastwood, is as you expect – laidback, dry and completely handy.

When the duo first meets in the fifth episode, they agree to share several revolving-door lovers—when Reinhold tires of his latest conquest, he passes her onto Biberkopf. Likewise, in another short, “Shadows and Glory,” which made the rounds on the literary prize circuit back in the early s, made a cartoon blunder in regards to some historical details about Nazi Germany. This is far more than a buddy picture,rather one of the greatest love stories on film all homosexual connotations aside ,taking the male relationship in film to new levels because of the contrast of characters and there immediate like for one another.


Cimino avoids the ‘arty’ distance of Terence Malick’s ‘Badlands’ or the po-faced existentialism of Monte Hellman’s ‘Two Lane Black-top’, but entertains the same thematic concerns within the framework of an accessible genre piece. Bridges is so incredibly good in this, he jumps around, he tries to wind up Kennedy and tries to lure some enthusiasm out of Eastwood; I can not imagine anyone else but Bridges as Lightfoot.

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Mistakes When Clint Eastwood and Jeff Bridges are being chased by George Kennedy and his movi, Bridges is driving off the dirt road down and embankment and you can clearly see that in the passenger seat is a faceless dummy instead of Eastwood or another stunt man.

A young hotshot Bridges inspires a has-been bank robber Eastwood to take another crack at the bank which nearly brought him down the last time he hit it, and along the way they are both sabotaged and helped by Eastwood’s former buddies Kennedy and Lewis.

Features 2 hours ago. A burly guy in a dark suit and white hat, Dunlop seasoned heavy Roy Jenson gets out to stretch his legs as he listens to the choir warble a standard hymn.

That’s not a thunderboly name?. Kennedy and Lewis lightvoot worse and seemed to add very little to the film. Nothing new, but nothing you’d want to take away from that screen presence or enigma he’s carefully carved over the years.

In the scene where Thunderbolt and Lightfoot are in the car with the crazy driver.