There are two open spots left on each of the teams, which means there will be even MORE audition episodes next week, before Season 3 finally moves on to the Battle Rounds. New York City, New York. With eight contestants left to fill the spots on either Team Christina, Team Adam, Team Blake or Team Cee Lo, it should be no surprise that the stakes have elevated considerably. Sure, maybe, but Sylvia still proved she can hang with the best of them with her vocal superiority on a pretty by-the-numbers pop tune. Archived from the original on 24 November The live playoffs were aired on November 5 and 7, followed by a results show on November 8.

Dude Looks Like a Lady “. It was down 39 percent in the demo from last season’s premiere. The live playoffs were aired on November 5 and 7, followed by a results show on November 8. However, hopefully the best talent will be saved for last, and next week’s Blind Auditions episodes will be, as NBC would put it, must-see TV. Retrieved 27 December I was really pulling for Yolanda. All four of them turned around for her. West Palm Beach, Florida.

Retrieved April 4, Blake Shelton with 16 members of Team Blake. I thought her performance of “Get Here” showed a lot of class and sophistication, and the woman certainly could sing, but her old-fashioned cabaret style just wasn’t what the judges were looking for.

hunfe Retrieved June 13, Sunday, February 24, The second one-hour episode was broadcast on Tuesday, September 11, And she had no reason to be skittish, really. Frankly, Blake needed Charlie more, after building a fairly unimpressive and fodder-filled team this season Would I have perhaps enjoyed a stripped-down, soulful reinterpretation of the overplayed pop hit?


Retrieved 11 September His eyes were like saucers, his temperament a bundle of nerves, and he was almost inaudible when he first began. Awards and nominations Discography Contestants The Voice: Third to deliver the goods to our esteemed panel of coaches was Amanda Brownwho left her job as a professional backup singer for a shot at solo stardom on The Trevim.

Cassadee Pope was announced as the winner of the season with first female winner, marking Blake Shelton’s second win as a coach. Reality Rocks New September 26, Archived from the original on 18 February Sylvia Yacoub – Sylvia grew up in Alexandria, Egypt, hrevin women aren’t exactly encouraged to become pop stars. Unlike previous trevvin, rather than each team eliminating equal numbers of contestants each week, third season eliminations epiosde individually without regard to contestants’ team affiliation meaning that all artists competed head-to-head against all remaining contestants each weekintroducing the possibility of a final four without equal team representation.

For NBA fans, there’s a great matchup between potential Finals contenders to restart the season. Views Read Edit View history.

Spisode can’t wait to see what Amanda and Cee Lo get up to in rehearsals. Each finalist would perform three times: She and Jermaine are buddies, actually: I only wish Charlie had been as stellar during the first half of that difficult-to-emote song. Follow me on TwitterAmazon. TV by the Numbers. West Palm Beach, Florida.

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While Christina’s one recruit from Tuesday, Sylvia Yacoub, gave a respectable performance, she in no way came across as someone could potentially win this aucition competition. The live top 10 performances aired on November 19, followed by a results show on November Archived from the original on October 26, This was the first episode in which a coach did not get any acts.


Team Christina Listen to Sylvia Yakoub: By using aurition site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The name of the coach who was chosen by the stolen contestant is ticked.

Archived from the original on Blake and Adam were impressed and buzzed in, and a grateful Charlie dropped to his knees, overcome with emotion–which probably only endeared him to America all the more.

Let’s hope she lands another singing job soon, because she belongs on a stage, not behind a school bus steering wheel.

‘The Voice’ Blind Auditions, Episode 7: Team Blake Gets Back In The Game

From this point on in the competition, all remaining contestants performed live each week, and only the public’s vote determined which contestants advanced in the competition. Retrieved December 4, And her worst fears–that maybe it was too late for her–came true.

All four of them turned around for her. Welcome to our annual Oscar Look series, formally known as “Oscar Circuit” – our deep dive look into each and every category that will Team Blake Listen to Charlie Rey: Retrieved 20 December